In our world of “flash-in-the-pan” singers and “here today, gone tomorrow” pop stars, it is a deserved treat to hear a beautiful tune rendered soulfully and with an authentic depth of emotion that only a seasoned artist like Michael Dunston can bring. While we feel that Dunston’s music speaks for itself, there is clearly more to his story.  “Michael is someone who channels the whole history of male R&B vocals when he sings,” elaborates Andrew Scott. “This is someone who can light up a room like almost no other performer. I’ve seen him energize a crowd in the thousands with his enormous talent and boundless energy.”

Given Dunston’s pedigree—a veteran of the club scene, a man who recorded for the legendary soul label Atlantic Records, played Bo Diddley in the film Mr. Rock n’ Roll: The Allan Freed Story and who grew up singing in the churches of North Carolina—such well-honed talents are, perhaps, not surprising. And Michael has definitely brought the goods to “My Love,” his latest EP for Boomtang Records.

With a honeyed voice that has earned him the respect of industry peers, Dunston has dropped what are certain to become Urban, R&B and Soul radio staples in “Soul Revolution,” “Turn the Lights down Low” and the EP’s title track, “My Love”.  “Soul Revolution,” the track that is making the most noise out of the gate, is a funky bit of urban dance. It’s a “call-to-arms,” if you will, for the soul revolution whose point and purpose is to (re) awaken the masses who have been stupefied by mediocre music for too long and get them back on the dance floor. “This one has been getting a lot of attention from British DJs and tastemakers in London,” mentions Dunston, who points out that a number of remixes of this track have already begun making the rounds of the podcast universe.

Michael has been called a “ballad’s best friend,” and the performance he renders on the smooth “Turn the Lights down Low” demonstrates exactly why this is the case. Think Maxwell, Sade and Robin Thicke as points of reference and you’ll only just begin to understand the depth of emotion Michael brings to his treatment here. “This song has a certain amount of intimacy and romance,” elaborates the singer. “Uncork this track on a special night, play it for your lady and thank me later.”

The equally smooth “My Love” has a decidedly classic feel to it, with just a pinch of retro. “This one sounds like a track that ‘60s Motown never released,” suggests Dunston, “and seeing that most of the guys who sang for that label were my mentors, I tried to channel that spirit into my performance.” The result is a comfortable and familiar song with no surprises; the audio equivalent of slipping into a warm bath.

Written, performed and produced by Four80East— the dynamic duo of Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace (Charlene Smith, Sean Oliver, Boomtang Boys, Amanda Marshall, Corey Hart, Andy Kim, Bif Naked, The Philosopher Kings) — and Urban Music Award winner Andrew Scott (The Clayton/Scott Group, One Step Beyond, Matt Dusk, Alfie Zappacosta),  “My Love” the EP marks the beginning of what promises to be a long and successful musical collaboration.

“I have always lent my voice to other artists,” suggests Dunston of his storied career, “I’m ready to step out as leader and this is the project with which to do it!”